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>> there are no winners in this case. caylee passed on forges in. -- is far too soon. >> one of the most watched
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trials in the nation comes to a close. find out what is in store for casey anthony. >> the golden gate bridge is soft and a lot like yesterday. fog along the coast. right now it is 52 and san francisco, 67 by noon and 70 by this afternoon. a full look at whether in a minute. >> a nice rebound for the bay bridge after a minor impact up last hour. now, conditions are great on the upper deck. we are clearly not tracking and the hot spots. a complete traffic check coming up. >> families of seven bay area clinics where fishermen whose boat capsized are waiting for word about their loved ones. the accident happened in the gulf of california. if the boat tips over at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. here is a location of the boat
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capsizing. right off the coast of san felipe de. take a look at the video of the search efforts. the coast guard is continuing the search from the sea into the ear. they say that it is still possible because of warm water temperatures, that people could still be alive. >> family members in san ramon are still hoping for appearance survivors. will tran has the latest. >> and has been about 76 or 77 hours since the boat capsized. that is how long and in the water. those who were not
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rescued it will to very red. don lee was one of those. hopefully he managed to grab the a light jacket. " are also hoping use it and grab some water. " here is his son fred hahn. here is what they plan to do if he is not rescued by then. >> we are preparing for the fed to continue search efforts in the event the 96 hour search effort comes up and they choose to operate as a recovery situation. >> the conditions are very good, not only because it is a great time of year but the water in the pacific ocean in the area that the boat capsized, there were 2 mi. offshore. the water is about 84 degrees. the coast guard is helping with the search, the navy in private
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fisherman. hopefully we will have a live interview with fred hahn as well as the daughter of don lee. for now, back to you. seven >> 04 a.m.. we want to check in with james and a look at the weather to see when things will start heating up. we are in for a cool down. >> take a quick look about out from the san jose camera. conditions are steadily getting better and better. we have sunny skies and san jose. let's walk you through our web the headlines. low clouds and fog primarily along the coast. this afternoon, sunny and warm. inland's highs will be low-mid- 90s. today really does begin the official cooling as we head towards the weekend. cooling conditions will continue as we
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head toward saturday, sunday and beyond. figure is for temperatures are right now. mid- upper fifties for the most part, but as you had to the piece you will see antioch's already at 66. san jose is coming in right now at 62. we are beginning to see slight warming as we head towards later morning hours. around 10:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. it will really take hold. we should see tempers like this, 85 in santa rosa, 93 in fairfield. 83 in hayward and fremont. oakland at 76. in the south bay san jose at 87 degrees. low 90s in los gatos and morgan hill. 90s as you head towards a is not in the livermore. your is your 7 day around the bay. inland temperatures are dropping down, getting into low 80s by saturday, sunday and monday.
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7:05 a.m., let's check on the commute. >> quite traffic and no hot spots for your driver on the bay area, even better conditions on the bay bridge. in the 6:00 a.m. hour we saw in back and starting to build to the 880 over crossing. we have already rebounded from that. virtually no backups or delays from the approach or the trip across the upper deck. a great ride. we will continue our bridge check on the stand until bridge. in great to meet westbound. eastbound traffic is headed back towards hayward. while it is a little sluggish in hayward on 80 near 92, in san detail on 101 in year 92 it is an easy ride. we will have to the golden gate bridge for a look on 101 traffic southbound still contending with fog. that is the only problem to deal with in your drive from marin county. looking air road sensors, a fairly like and easy
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ride from nevada to the north tower of the golden gate bridge. >> 7 06 a.m.. we have new details this morning about this accident. take a look as some of these cars are damaged. the 40 cars were damaged after a fire broke out in a car rental lots in south san francisco. you can see the mess. hot jackie sissel is out there this morning. jackie sissel experience >> i am after hertz overflow lot in san francisco. you can see the amount of damage, there are two dozen or so cars and a parking lot, some of them had minor damage, others are completely destroyed by fire that happened on sunday. this is a video shot by a juror, the fire broke out on sunday and destroyed about 45 cars sitting in this once a car overflow lot
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to he. investigators are looking into what caused the fire. witnesses say they heard fireworks. that is still a part of the investigation. you can see that cars are still here is, most of these cars were supposed to be as towed out yesterday but there were not enough people to do that because of a holiday weekend. >> the government is it running the airline says some terrorists are considering is a degreesurgy implanting explosives. it's because of this new-line morning
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the tsa says travelers from overseas may now experience additional screenings at airports. kron 4 morning news will be right back.
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>> casey anthony found not guilty of murder. she was found guilty of lying to authorities. we have found out that casey anthony parents have not spoken with her. the last day's boat
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was before the entire trial. her parents testified repeatedly during the trial ends left court without hugging or saying anything to their daughter. >> our facebook conversation discusses how casey anthony could be freed tomorrow when she is sentenced to life for police. a lot of viewers are questioning the jury decision of finding her not guilty. here is what people are saying this morning. here is what one of your rights. >> if you would like to contribute to this topic, go to our facebook fan page. we will be reading comments throughout the morning. >> a developing story, accused
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serial killer joseph naso is scheduled to be back in court to discuss a motion to dismiss the murder complaint against him and released him from jail. the 77 year-old serving as his own lawyer. nasal contends that authorities failed to show probable cause to arrest him. charged with killing four women in the 1970's and 1990's from northern california. >> in arizona, these are not clouds, it is a gigantic dust neurologists say that this was packing winds of 60 mi. per hour. visibly was drastically reduced, flights were delayed and wind gusts and downed trees. thousands of people in the phoenix area were left without power. a different story in the
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bay area, it is not a dust storm, it is the usual fog. we are expecting this to clear. >> here is the view from mt. tam shown in perspective from higher up. if you are along the coast or peninsula in dealing with fog, do not worry, it will eventually lift. low clouds and fog are a part of the morning forecast. mostly sunny and warm this afternoon, partly cloudy this evening with respect to the '50s and '60s -- partly cloudy this evening with temperatures going back to the '50's and 60's, 80's and 90's for the afternoon high. hear your current address. a nice range of
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temperatures. gave tech on
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traffic. >> , brace yourself for the cambridge westbound.-there is a stall lot of unless handling. caltrans is saying that the children just arrived on scene if financing is in the process of clearing that stalled. if he the traffic is backed up heading up the incline section. if that means mulleins ago we had no backup on the bay bridge toll plaza, which are likely to see if when looking at your ride on the san mateo bridge, it is not as slow as it looks. over to the golden gate bridge you will see that the only thing you have to deal with is a fog in the south on direction. it is still light traffic across the span. road
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sensors showed a good commuter marin county for 101 southbound. >> host a tragic shooting death in east palo naso has police looking for help from the outside to fight increasing gang violence. craig skalar has more. >> law enforcement experts are gathering in east palo also to help local police figure out ways to fight a gang violence which has played in this city on the heels of a shooting and that cost the lives of a 3 month old baby. police are trying to fight gains. the shooting on june 6th cost the lives of a child after eight gunmen mistook the car driven by the baby's parents for
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a rival gang members. if the zaragoza had been beaten by rival gang members earlier and has been charged with murder. experts from the fbi, homeland's security and san quentin prison will be counseling local police in how to deal with anti getting tactics. >> reputed mobster james "whitey" bulger is expected in court in boston today. here is a video of him. he will be arranged for his alleged role in 19 murders. prosecutors say the 81 year-old was the head of the south boston irish gangs before he fled on a racketeering indictment in '95. older was arrested in late june right here in california with his longtime girlfriend. she has been charged with harboring >> a >> president obamas has a town hall meeting today on twitter hosting by the social media service. the event starts at 11:00 a.m. and will focus on
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jobs in the economy. questions of work for the president will be selected by twitter. the president will be giving verbal answers in front of a live audience in washington. the white house has turned to social networking to reach citizens. there was a town hall postehosty facebook earlier this year. a look outside, fog in san francisco, sunshine in san jose. traffic is backed up 101 northbound at the 87 interchange.
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>> harold camping who predicted director on may 21st has been moved to a nursing home. the 89 year-old suffered a stroke last month and now his daughter says of her father is undergoing rehabilitation. her what it is
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unclear if he will return to his radio show. that is the latest. >> the time is 7:27 a.m.. we're back with more and a couple of minutes. a live look at walnut creek. traffic is nice and light on 680. plenty of sunshine.
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>> a live look at the san retail bridge. here is the other side of the bridge, redwood city. 83 by noon, 87 this afternoon with mostly sunny skies. a beautiful day around the bay. here is a full look at -- is a full look at the weather coming up. >> their recent assault cleared
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on the bay bridge. look at the effects of a toll plaza, backing up towards west grand ave coming from the maze, but even the a the approach is backing up over the toll plaza. a complete check coming up. >> 7:30 a.m.. we have new details as families of the seven bay area fishermen still missing are hoping for their safe return after their boat capsized in a storm off the coast of mexico on sunday. the map shows you where the area is where the boat capsized. right about here near this eyelids south of the san felipe de. we have video of some of the survivors and the coastguard search efforts which continue today. it is still possible that these people have survived because land was only a couple of miles away into the water is pretty warm, 84 degrees. when families of the victims are waiting for word and hoping that their loved ones
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survived. will tran is live in san ramon was one of the families. >> it is not just emotional hold, there is intelligence behind this. because it is sunny into the water is warm, even though there is a good chance that are beyond sunburns at this point, to believe conditions are favorable for them to return. we are in front of the home of don lee, his daughter and son-in-law, which just learned that the boat in the driveway is don's boat.. he was the organizer of this trip. it took him about one year to organize. on sunday morning in the world was turned upside down. joining me is a friend hahn, don's son in law. you have been monitoring the situation, what is the latest? >> the latest we have heard is they still have not found anyone else. we have been given a surge
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one of 96 hours from the time of the boat capsized in. we have heard reports that there's not enough manpower in place. we like to see a larger presence from the u.s. coast guard, granted we appreciate any help that has taken place, but we implore the government to send additional help. >> they have been in the water now for 77 hours and counting the use it even with that, obviously it is a long time to be in the water be said there is still holds because the coast guard says you can survive even without water. >> they did not give us the time frame but they told us that from their experience and they have
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found people well into this time., depending on the weather conditions and environmental conditions and now it is what for the what we have here, that does work to their favor. in addition of lot of survivors were already picked up, there is a cluster of small uninhabited islands in the area. if any of them made it to those islands they could easily survive for quite some time. >> did any of the survivors say to you, i saw your father-in- law grabbed a life vest? upon >> the survivors that we have spoken to, it all came down to which part of the boat your sleeping on.
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>> we wish you the very best. coming up we will hear more from fred in his family's stories. that yellow car belongs to bruce, he has been rescued. the red truck, the family knows him, he is still missing at this time. >> it is really nice said the family is out there sharing those details with you. we will check back with you later to hear more. >> following a developing story in san francisco, police are searching for a person who stole a rare picasso driv. police sayt a man walked into the gallery grabbed the sketch of of the wall and fled in the text. the
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sketch was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. we have a hot spot, let's go to george. >> and you accident on interstate 680 south of. " this is a second assault on the upper
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deck. as you look at the toll plaza you will see that there is hardly any movement. a metering lights had to be slowed down before there is any chance of recovery from the stall on the left lane that was just clear. now there is a stall and the right lane.: there is a toll truck and every. -- there is a tow truck in return. the back of is rapidly building towards the macarthur maze. otherwise this had been a great comedic. as little as 30 minutes ago there was no backup but there have been two different stalls a row. the sanitation bridge is a problem free. there are no delays. a quick look at the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound shows fog and modern traffic. there are no incidents through marin county on 101 southbound. sets find out what
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else the weather has in store with james fletcher. >> the golden gate bridge and much of the peninsula is dealing with fog although it is not that bad. here is where we see temperatures in the fog. sunny and warm this afternoon. let's fly around the bay. comforter wise, a san francisco, 70, redwood city, 87. 86 in palo also. oakland, 76 degrees warming to 84 degrees, 83 in fremont. low-mid-90s. mid-upper 80s close to the bait. here is your 7 day forecast. we are watching to reduce cool gradually, day-by-day. more
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weather and traffic and a minute. >> casey anthony has been found not guilty of murdering her daughter, she was found guilty of other accounts. jurors would not comment on their decisions but an alternate juror did speak out saying that he supports the verdicts. >> the prosecution did not meet the burden of proof. there was a lot of doubt. they did not show us the evidence good enough for a conviction. >> we are wondering what the jurors thought. that is our first insight. anthony was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to police. each comes with a maximum one-year
7:40 am
sentence. the judge could decide that she served her time after spending the past three years in jail. sentencing is settled for tomorrow. we will be right back. per
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>> " come back, it is 7:43 a.m.. our hot spot is interstate 680. a major injury accident walking southbound lanes in the commune direction and or no. down lanes as well. southbound there is no estimate about how soon they will be able to clear this crash. the rest of your traffic on the kron 4 morning news' returns. "
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>> even a welcome back, a quick recap of the stories we are falling, the search continuing for seven bay area fishermen- missing when their boat capsized in the gulf of california. the coast guard crew left sacramento and handed down for searching. chambly's of looking for a man walks into a san francisco art gallery, pulled a picasso sketch of philosophy and left in and recapped. the sketch was mid-1960's and apparently worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.-jury selection begins today in the trial is pitching great roger clemens is accused of lying to congress if in 2008 saying that he never used performance enhancing drugs during his 23 season career. >> 7:47 a.m.. george. >> we have two different hot spots. in walnut creek in major injury accident on 680
7:48 am
southbound near north main street or blocking two lanes of the freeway. look at the back up. it reaches towards concord past pleasant hill on 680 southbound and nearly to highway 4 on 242 southbound. big delays in both directions. there is no indication on when planes will be cleared. when the chp issues alert the believe planes will be blocked for 30 or more minutes. this accident is about 30 minutes old now. our other hot spot is a westbound on the bay bridge. traffic is nearly at a standstill. the back of this to the end of the macarthur maze and even the the the approach is battling back up. bear in mind that one hour ago there was no back up on the bay bridge toll plaza. when other bridges
7:49 am
are not doing too badly. the golden gate bridge looks to be a good. although it is under fog when southbound. despite the fog it appears that we will have another sunny and warm day ahead. >> here is the view from our roof camera showing you the fog and also sunshine as well. temperatures in the '50s and '60s. the sun will come out this afternoon, mostly sunny and warm with inland spots getting into the low-mid-90s. we're going to
7:50 am
continue cooling as we head towards the weekend. let's talk more about the temperatures for this afternoon. we are expecting them to get into the '90s. at 10:00 a.m. a nice mix from the '50s to the 80's and land. by 2:00 p.m. we will see 90s creeping in and stretching even farther into concord and walnut creek. by 9:00 p.m. we will pull back on the 90's and 80's and 70's will be the temperature of around east bay. as we head towards the weekend, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday we will get clark getting back down to below the knees by the weekend. >> 7:50 a.m., a fire in oakland left 10 people with no place to live. there were two local rappers who helped to rescue
7:51 am
residents. the fire happened yesterday afternoon in this three story building on thirty first street. the rappers were on the top floor when they smelled smoke and it jumped into action. as a kick in doors to help an elderly man and broke into another apartment to rescue of the residents. everyone in the building managed to get out safely. a santa clara county family has been ordered to pay $780,000 for starting a wild fire that destroyed papers written by albert einstein. the blaze in 2007 started when a family member left the metal barrels undehow unattended while illegally diverting paper plates. the fire also destroyed four homes. >> 37 year-old mike peters of conference says after he threw out what he thought was a small firecracker, exploded and in a
7:52 am
split second he lost his thumb and two fingers. he has had one server to repair damage and could face more operations. he says he hopes his acts and it will show others that being careless around farmers can have major consequences. >> but i want people to get the hands that the stuff is not for us to be thrown off, it is for professionals. it is serious stuff. >> fire worst of all kinds are illegal in concord in fact, all of contra costa county. there is no word if he will face charges connected to this accident. >> 752 a m, we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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traffic is moving pretty well. we will be right back.
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>> top stories we are
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following, 7 bay area voters are still missing after their boat capsized in the gulf of california. we will hear from one of the survivors coming up. >> a blaze in art heist. a man walked in and grabbed a picasso worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> as to the charge of first- degree murder, the verdict in count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reactions continue to pour in after one of the most watched trials in the nation ending with casey anthony acquitted of first-degree murder in the deaths of her two year-old daughter. we will study what is next for anthony. >> end of day on our hot spots. if >> 680 southbound, there are two lanes of traffic is blocked with what chp is describing as a major injury accident. traffic
8:01 am
is backed up and to convert on 242 and interstate 680. the bay bridge is also a hot spot with the back up reaching the macarthur maze. there are two different stalls and an accident all within the span of 30 minutes. >> new details rather of the seven bay area fishermen who are missing after their boat capsized sunday morning. they're still waiting for word about their loved ones. the accident happened in the gulf of california as the boat left from san felipe de and capsized off between the shoreline and some of the islands around the area. that was about 2 mi. from shore. a coast guard is continuing to search. here is some of the video of the coast guard searching by helicopter in to buy boat. they found debris but they have not found the boat itself which is at the bottom of the sea of cortez. they're still
8:02 am
holding out hope that as there are survivors. what our continuing coverage with the victims' families hoping for word of their loved ones. will tran is live in san ramon or family members are praying for a safe return. >> i have an update. i am in front of the house of don lee. his son-in-law is standing there right now, that boat in the driveway is a vote of don lee. and the family is not just holding out emotional whole, they have some intelligence according to the coast guard that says yes, you can be in the water for 77-78 hours can still be alive. the big thing is, if they have a life vest on. when the boat capsized at around 2:00 a.m., no one was wearing a life vest and according to a fred hawn he says no one sleeps with a life vest on. his father-in-law is an avid fisherman who organized the
8:03 am
coming up at 830 a m. we have the interview with fred han and why he they could be miles from the location where the boat capsized, more on this story throughout the morning. >> it is 8 03 a.m., a full look at weather and traffic. >> interstate 680, the back of continues to grow in the southbound direction because of a major injury accident and north main street. " it affected the ride north oz of walnut creek and into concord in pleasant hill. so you can see the back up now reaching towards
8:04 am
cortines on 680 south and the reaching of a high what 4 on 242 as well in the southbound direction. northbound lanes are still slow even the northbound lanes have been cleared of this incident. our other hot spot is the bay bridge westbound. the traffic is really slow. here is what happens. in the last hour we had a stall on the incline that was cleared. we had a stall on the cantilever section in an accident before you boat when i land. those things are backing up traffic all the way to the age of the macarthur maze. if you look in the background you will see cars lined up right there. that means that traffic has backed up nearly to powell street or beyond on westbound interstate 880 trying to get to the berkeley curved. it is backed up on the 580 fly over as well. a rough ride. off the earth i will show you the san mateo bridge, westbound, there are no problems, but eastbound
8:05 am
traffic has been slow for the last 30 minutes because of a disabled grovel holleauler that broke down. that has recently been cleared of the back up remains. if you're headed to hayward, give yourself some extra time. a check on the weather as we had to the weather center. >> another look at the bay bridge camera. " cloud cover and fog. we also have sunshine. it is a mixed bag for oakland. frontier to about 50 degrees warming to 73 by noon, 76, this afternoon. let's take a quick look around the bay to see where we are with temperatures. we are warming up slightly. here are your current orderstemperaturesr
8:06 am
temperatures this afternoon will warm up quite a bit. here are your highs for today. more of your weekend outlook and continue cooling as he headed towards the weekend. >> 8:06 a.m., we have new details as crews are out this morning to remove more than 40 cars damaged on sunday when a
8:07 am
fire broke out in a car rental lot in san francisco. if these cars were totally burned out. jackie sissel is in san francisco right now taking a look at the mess. >> there is quite a mess out here. about 40 cars, about two dozen or so still left out here with varying degrees of damage. some with minor damage and broken windows, others are completely destroyed like these that you see here. this happened on sunday. this is an overflow parking lot for kurds want the cars. -- hertz rental cars. some witnesses say that they heard fire workers in the area. obviously that will be big part of the investigation. perhaps
8:08 am
fireworks were the culprit in this case. so far this morning i have seen a couple of the employees from herds taking down the numbers and license plates. -- i have seen a couple of employees from hertz taking down vin numbers and license plates as they will be hauled away the damaged cars. >> they are completely ruined? >> >> the perjury trial for roger clemens has begun. jury selection is underway right now. he is accused of lying to congress about using steroids.
8:09 am
we have new video of clemens' walking into court today. there is a jury pool about 125 people from the trial is expected to last into august. clemens has not been charged with drug crimes but is accused of lying about drug use. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues after the break. a live look outside from mt. tam. six fog and heavy drizzle on the golden gate with temperatures starting to warm up.
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>> casey anthony to be a free woman as early as tomorrow. she will be sentenced for the charges she was found guilty of, to investigators about her daughter's death. it took the jury less than 11 hours to find anthony not guilty of first- degree murder. she was found not guilty of aggravated manslaughter and child abuse. stores and in the anthony last boat to cases before the trial began. her parents left court quickly after the verdict without saying anything to their daughter. >> casey anthony could be freed
8:13 am
tomorrow after being sentenced to lying to belize, viewers are questioning the jurors a decision finding her not guilty. here is what some people are saying this morning. >> if you would like to contribute to this heated topic, go to our facebook fan page. we will be reading, and star of the morning. >> we will be right back as a kron 4 morning news continues. a quick update on our hotspot. >> two lanes loss in north main street with a major injury accidents, traffic is backed up and to convert, martinez and a
8:14 am
slow on highway 880 for printing 680 and approaching 242. another hot spot on the bay bridge, a back to the macarthur maze into the east shore freeway is slow to emeryville westbound. gary radnich is up next when the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> 8:16 a.m.. the morning hearing. those pesky padres.
8:17 am
what is the deal? >> if you are nearing the all- star break, if you are out of something, like last year, the padres were in it to the ends so yes, they're going to cause trouble. they have the giants and numbered. even this year when they are out of it, they still come in and play well. >> we have to talk about what we saw with paulo, that back went flying and his three people. >> i am ashamed to say, is everyone okay, i do not know. >> one guy was in the eyebrow, someone else was hit in the shin but there was a woman who took some of the back to her >> look at boston and fenway
8:18 am
park, some of those old stadiums and giants stadium, you pay sometimes $300 from one of those seats is not more and they do not want a screen in front of them. right behind the plate, you have no choice. hi am surprised you do not see more of these things happening. if one of my kids was hit i would say, put up a screen. if you talk to most people who have this expensive seats, they say no screen. >> until that happens to their child. we mentioned roger clemens, we have a new picture.
8:19 am
this is clemens' walking into court. >> looks pretty sure of himself. >> is is the old video. we did get fresh video this morning, he is in court right now. >> i would imagine that what happened lives bonds will empower him. as you astutely pointed out yesterday, the big difference is, the trainer for bonds, greg anderson refused to talk. roger clemens has mcnamee, he has been is singing. >> a little police action, the d y with lorenzo neal. it happened in
8:20 am
he does dui campaigns. that does not do so good. >> he has been doing some stuff on the cable sports channel, trying to get a career going. price do not know how serious he is, they put him on there on the weekends, he talks about all. he is a nice guy. heck >> another couple of things, yesterday and today, the picasso set in san francisco. did you see that? a man with sunglasses and walked into the wine scene gallery in union square in broad daylight, he looked at a picasso painting, a sketch on the wall, he grabs it, gets into a cab in and leaves.
8:21 am
>> war is how much? >> hundreds of thousands and worth nothing because you cannot sell it. hugh will be in your basement until you die. >> what a way to go, you can die in your basement looking at picasso. >> and then this guy who figured he could get out of jail is his wife smuggled him out after a visit into a carry on that. you take bags into jail, but you do not leave with a big heavy bag. they opened it up. nice try. [laughter] >> is the guys who are the process and as much time doing legitimate work they could have a good careers. they are creative, they have the guts to try things and the ones thinking about a picasso, maybe
8:22 am
you can so that overseas. >> maybe. breaking news, south korea just got the olympics, the 2018 winter games. that just crossed the wires. this was just announced seconds ago. ho
8:23 am
>> when the olympics is in our country i get a little more excited, but i will get over it. >> we will talk to you later. it is 8:23 a.m., we will be right back.
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>> 8:26 a.m., we are still tracking hot spots. interstate 680 is down to one lane block. the commute is jammed in both directions moseley's southbound from 68242 out of pleasant hill and concord. a major injury accident. the bay bridge is backed up to the macarther maze for the westbound commuter and now, problems in the committee directions on the san mateo bridge. a complete check coming up.
8:27 am
>> we will be much cooler by the weekend, 80 's and '70s a long day. >> here is more information, south korea has won the right to host the 2018 winter olympics. the koreans have lost two other times before to host the olympics. they are obviously thrilled about this. this is the first country and outside of japan's most -- this city in 3 is the first outside of japan to host the winter olympics.
8:28 am
>> if a big back on the san mateo bridge, an update on our hot spot after the break. >> 6 fog on the golden gate and a heavy drizzle. when
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> his 830 a m on kron 4 morning news, it is busy in the traffic department starting with the bay bridge, a hot spot with the westbound ride in a gem because of three incidents in a row. two different car stalls and an accident at your bubble one of thailand. to the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up along the east shore freeway but not quite to powell street any longer.
8:31 am
westbound 4 is backed up trying to get on 2242. 681 on city any time this morning. if on the san mateo bridge we had a problem eastbound which left traffic flow from the base of a high- rise count towards foster city. there was an eastbound gravel truck that lost its trailer. in the last few minutes, we picked
8:32 am
up a stall in the westbound direction. that is why we see traffic slowing coming from the toll plaza. crews have been dealing with that gravel truck, it is likely to be a while before the vehicle with a flat tire can get clear from the westbound lanes. >> we have new details this morning as the families of seven bay area fishermen are waiting this morning for word that their loved ones have survived after a boat capsized in a storm off the coast of new mexico on sunday. we are zooming in on the area where this happens in the gulf of california near san felipe . it was during the middle of the night. many of the men were sleeping and it did not have time to grab a life vest. the coast guard is continuing the search. so far the only founded debris. we have a video of the latest search efforts. they
8:33 am
still say that even though they have not found much they will not stop because the water is warm enough and conditions are common enough that it is possible for these men to have survived. their families are standing by as is will tran is standing by with one of the families. >> we are in front of the home of don lee in san ramon. there is his house in the boat. his son-in-law and daughter are of the house right now to make sure that the mom is doing fine. an emotional time. they have a whole, not just emotional hoped but intelligence from the coast guard saying that you can be in the water for 78 hours despite not having any water simply because it is warm right now, the water is about 84 degrees. they are all strong swimmers. police believe they are ok and i just need to be found. the red truck is the goggle who is missing. they know him as ogle al. this is a
8:34 am
coordinated effort that spanned several families. that yellow or jeep is uncle bruce. i spoke with fred han who is the son-in-law and said he spoke with one of the survivors but they did not see his father-in- law grab a life jacket. then again he said it was 2:00 a.m. in the very >> he loves his family and is proud grandfather. he has sacrificed a lot for his family. my mother-in-law told us that of and so the starters finished college, he had never actually done anything for himself, no vacations. the fishing trip and
8:35 am
the boat that you see, he did not do any of this until after the grant with college. as he retired iand began remodeling hs home. >> here is this trip was more bonding with friends and fish. -- your is a picture with which lee and his friends. the trip was about bonding with friends more than fishing. he said there is never a good time to have your boat capsized about the fact that it happens at 2:00 a.m. during a time when they do not wear life vests, during the day all wear a life vest. at night when they sleep did not wear a life vest. >> we will hold for the best
8:36 am
along with the family. >> a developing story of san francisco, police are searching for a man who still a rare picasso drawing. it was lifted from the one seen dowry in the 300 block of gary before noon. police say the man walked into the gallery, grabs the sketch of of the wall and then jumped into a taxi outside. the sketch is reportedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. all eyes on the area weather. >> clear skies and sunshine with turner directors at 67. 83 expected by noon, 87 by this afternoon. let's take a look at the map and show you where we seek to redress on the increase. in stalker and livermore is now at 71, 72 in
8:37 am
fairfield, 53 in san francisco. 63 in santa rosa. los gatos at 66. this afternoon, this is how temperatures will play out, mainly 60s along the coast, 70's are around the the immediate bay. into the san ramon valley is where you get the mix of '80s and '90s. a tuesday afternoon for those in the east bay and south bay but a touch cooler than yesterday. as we head towards the weekend, a big cool down. for now here is a look at to redress this afternoon. -- here is a look at temperatures of this afternoon. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. that cool down will take hold as we head towards the weekend. 84 by the weekend. more weather and traffic coming up.
8:38 am
>> this will be the 130 fit here for the nasa program. excuse me, the 30-year shuttle program, the one hundred thirty fifth mission. this last one is in this friday. there is a live press conference going on where they are talking about some of the obstacles of the could be facing because the weather is not cutting any breaks. let's listen in for a second to hear how they are preparing for the space shuttle launch. >> we have an exciting situation, it does not feel like to stress until after, it is a big letdown if you have to scrap the mission. that is how it is. >> marcia dennis associated press, how bad of a forecast with you have to seek to not even bother taking friday morning? how do you get a sense
8:39 am
that your work force would not mind to seek a big couple of scrubs to stay employed longer? [laughter] >> which are not at all in the mode of taking more time to make this launch happen as a good thing. the team is ready, they are prepared, everything is in the right spot. this is a normal countdown for us. it is time to go. what are more than ready. >> four astronauts will ride on atlantis one last time and make a supply run to the international space station. nasa says no matter what the weather is, they will do it. >> 8:39 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam above those clouds.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> >> casey anthony found not guilty.. >> as to the charge of first- degree murder, charge one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> casey anthony cried as the verdict was read, cleared of murder, aggravated manslaughter and of aggravated child abuse, she was convicted on four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to law enforcement. outside the orange county courthouse, cries that justice had not been served. >> no one wins in this situation, a two year-old is dead. it is really sad. >> all 12 jurors refused to speak to the media one alternate gave insight saying the prosecution cannot prove cayley's death was murder. >> it was such a horrific accidents that they did not know how to deal with it. the family
8:44 am
appeared to be a very dysfunctional and instead of admitting that there was an accident, they chose to hide it for whatever reason. if >> in a statement casey anthony is paris say they believe a decision. uphold the televised trial drew national attention. get these attorneys called the case a lesson for those who indulge in media assassination. >> you cannot convict someone and so they have had their day in court. >> in our face a conversation this morning, we discuss how casey anthony could be freed tomorrow after being sentenced to life for police. a lot of viewers are questioning the jurors a decision of finding hernando de. here is what one viewer said. thaw
8:45 am
>> another viewer had this to say. >> get you like to contribute to this heated topic, go to our facebook fan page, we will be reading, as author of the morning. >> mark zuckerberg is looking to deliver something awesome, the launch of a new product. they will not say exactly what is of the buzz is they are going to unveil some sort of video chat feature.
8:46 am
>> the back up on the bay bridge does reach into the macarthur maze. not our only hot spot. take a look at 680 south down. chp with an estimated time to clear this crash at around 9:00 a.m.. a major injury accidents tying up the right out of concord, pleasant hill and martinez for will agree. we will be right back on the kron 4 morning news.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> here are the top stories that we're following, the search continues for the missing boater's after the boat capsized off the coast of mexico. the crew will be out there today from sacramento helping with the search. a picasso sketch worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and walked out of the gallery in san francisco near union square. bigeye took it and jumped into a taxicab. jury
8:50 am
selection is underway as we speak in washington d.c. trying to select jurors will hear the case against pitching great roger clemens as to whether he lied to congress about steroid use. >> we have traffic problems out there, several hot spots. george is in the traffic center for more on what is happening. >> as we continue to attract big delays for the ride around the bay area, it has been a busy morning. on the bay bridge, more people affected by this backup than any other. they are working from a backup system with the metering lights as they are trying to repair the main system. it seems as though since we started focusing attention on the problem they have been really doing a better job of managing the conditions. the backup had reached all the way around the corner into the berkeley curved and upholstery. that has already approved for 80
8:51 am
waistband. 580 back of to highway 24. that will take longer to 880 is still pretty ride on the bridge as is the 580 approach coming out of the macarthur maze. another hot spot, 680 southbound is jammed from highway 4 whether you are on 242 or 680 getting down to north main street, a major injury accident that for over an hour has blocked lanes. for a while to of the southbound and two of the northbound lanes were blocked. a special traffic advisory is still in effect. we
8:52 am
have had slowed traffic westbound over a high rise on the san mateo because of a gravel truck that lost its trailer on the eastbound side. a flat tire westbound started it back to the toll plaza but then accepted of last very long. now, let's head over to the weather center. >> here is a look from mt. tam looking back at cloud cover over san francisco. here is the
8:53 am
temperature range this morning, then the temperature goes up mainly into the 80s as we warm up. hon the sun is out. here are our current to rogers. upper 60's in the south bay. we are on track despite temperatures that will play out like this at 4:00 p.m., here are your highs for the day.
8:54 am
>> now, on to the news. >> 8:54 a.m., we will be back with big stories developing this morning. a live look outside and san francisco. we will be right back.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> it is time for the morning buzz. paris hilton stalker was arrested again, he was found looking into paris hilton is malibu beach house. he was arrested in january and pleaded no contest. he was sentenced to three years' probation and ordered to stay away from
8:58 am
hilton. the social life is so freaked out about her safety, that she has a super turns to her security whisked 4 new armed guards to patrol 247 and she has installed a brand new security system in the house. yesterday, i told you about maria shriver being offered a $15 million book deal about her life with arnold schwarzenegger. the former first lady has declined the offer. i will have more entertainment headlines coming up when kron 4 morning news' returns.
8:59 am
9:00 am
dozens of cars and were caught off our world be removed this morning they waited until today to clean up the mess >> and the search continues for seven area boulders
9:01 am
after their boat capsized >> and a breeze and hard-san francisco a man at school bus sketch of apollo picasso we will have these stories and more in just a bed and our are going to get updates on hotspots >> we're rest are with your ride to the bridge jackie sissel is located and weakness in the ride coming from interstate 80 >> yes some posturing it doesn't look that bad of from here as soon as you make the right hand turn that is where the back up starts it extends all we passed the parking lot your
9:02 am
problem and have a 10 to 15 minute delay >> as jackie points out he said paul st. and this was just a few minutes ago it was completely stop west bound and we have seen a big improvement it could be because those metering lights are being well managed. we had three incidents one right after another as stall i stall and then an accident " and you can see here aided is no longer backed up aerospace is opening up great job at caltran. we may see that they and of it before the broadcast is over. and the ride into walnut creek we
9:03 am
were focused on the mccarthy maze there was a crash on the main street when it happened on the 7:00 hour and over two hours we'll have been looking at big backups on 680. for a while to lanes were blocked in each direction california highway patrol should have it cleared out by 9:00 a.m. there was car real damage and left lane might remain closed. and finally softbank not hotspot oslo spot and that's all right out of downtown san jose it's not unusual to see at a slower traffic. a quick check of the weather
9:04 am
>> good morning till we have a lot of fog around the area we're getting a little moisture on the lands here we have low cloud cover cooler temperatures especially along the coast. we will start off with current temperatures. and he conceded differences as you head inland in your full forecast i will tell you how the army will get this afternoon >> were following the latest for the search for seven bay area fishermen still missing after a boat capsized in a storm on sunday. the ball left here
9:05 am
on sunday in san felipe bay this is the area and the hope is demand managed to make it to one of the small islands or somewhere near the coast there in the coast guard continuing to surge the water temperature is in the mid-80s our team coverage continues in the bay area were loved ones are hoping that their family members will be found safe and sound >> i can tell you three people left the house to go fission in honor of the elegy be was one of the survivors the honor the red truck he is still lost that save and the owner of the house is 62 years old it was
9:06 am
the organizer of this trip that took a year to plan we talk to is somewhat of a few moments ago this was a joyous moment they wanted a bond and family and friends pages one had to be outdone and then all of the sun on sunday at 215 in the morning two always came out of nowhere and capsized boat is never a good time that your boat capsized. >> you've got to this buy orders that no one is that day saw your father lot gramm life vest >> the people were rescued
9:07 am
were on different parts of the boat it was not visible to them where he was that is why they did not see him jump off the boat because of what happened and the direction of the boat he was on which is so big off. >> another reason there are holding out the hopes that yellow car he was a survivor he has some point like to do see my father now it was so dark its that time of night you could not see anybody right in front him you had to reach out and touch the person of lee and his were able to grab a life vest. the survivors were found a few miles from where the boat capsized they're
9:08 am
trying to expand research south of where the boat actually capsized. the window will close friday at 2:00 a.m. their reach did in their pockets and come up with a private investigator and possibly a helicopter to continue the search. >> a developing story we're are following the police are searching for will ever stole our rear picasso sketch. this happened at the wine scene and gallery it was just before noon busy area busied gallery a guy walks and about 30 years old or so with sunglasses and on pulls the pain from a
9:09 am
wall and jumps in a taxicab and leaves. it is valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars they are open that anybody would recognizes is drying or was around and saw the cab will come forward that information. >> crews will try to remove 40 cars that caught fire at a car lot in san francisco this is this scene the cars were still there this morning they couldn't find enough to trucks to help with the cleanup this is video of the cars being on fire witnesses reported hearing far worse in the area prior to the fire.
9:10 am
>> we have a winter for the 2018 winter olympics south career. thereunder out twice and south korea has never hosted the winter games. they will have lot of changes to go through to get ready for the olympics. so save the date for 2018 >> the kron 4 morning news will continue more news coming ups. >> we the jury find not guilty and we will have the reaction
9:11 am
>> of people do to this verdict when we return
9:12 am
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still of hotspot interstate 6 we have been tracking this for over two hours at north main street it might remain block jill 9:40 a.m. they had to do some repair to the guard role the center divider was struck it blocked to lanes of traffic for a long time. and has jammed traffic on city streets no good alternate routes to get you through this >> 914 a m casey anthony could be a free woman as early as tomorrow that is when she will learn% and about lying to police officers is after the jury
9:15 am
took less than 11 hours to find her not guilty of aggravated murder and child abuse. we will have to see what time hot or credit she will have for time served. she found out she was acquitted of all major charges. her parents left the courtroom without saying a word to their daughter. >> the bay plaza to as we continue to watch are hotspot we will be rob becker
9:16 am
9:17 am
9:18 am
as we continue to work watch hotspots will start in walnut creek we still have a lane that blocked for the next 15 to 20 minutes
9:19 am
traffic is backed up on 682 walnut creek. not much traffic on 24 or south bound on through the san ramon valley and over to the macarthur maze interstate 80 and jackie sissel shot out of macarthur maze it had been heavily backed up by that looks like it is improving at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is still slow and we are seeing big improvements. i am still hopeful before the end of the broadway cast we will see the dead end of this backup. this is still slow
9:20 am
spots in the west bound direction at 920 will have a check of the weather. >> this is a great shot and of how much fog is in the area seeing lots of fog all along the golden gate bridge more breaks of sunshine around the area and the fog will breakoff. we're cooling down slightly temperatures in the '50s and '60s we are seeing a variety of temperatures of around the area. your future cast 4
9:21 am
shows as we head into the afternoon we will continue to have the temperatures warm not quite as much as yesterday. terms of your afternoon highs you'll get into the mid '80s in santa rosa. we could warm up into the '90s a few degrees cooler than yesterday's. in mid-90s for a antioch and livermore. it is still when as a warm but not quite as
9:22 am
warm as yesterday and this is a look of your seven day forecast by thursday and friday lots of sunshine in the afternoon and cooling off considerably. >> we will will be right back when the kron 4 morning news continues. will play recordings when all whole was discovered in a plane. ♪
9:23 am
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the have ray has release recordings that in april a southwest airlines had to make an emergency landing because of bad day been sixth for all in the fuselage and this tape wheel were about a year you been here the pilots voices as they planned land >> south was a 12 is that europe's
9:26 am
>> apparently will have all whole in the future lead shot in the back of the plane >> you can hear the intensity in their voice is prompted investigation of all those 737779 older planes found cracks in five. we will have a old blade is on our hot spots and a rough ride in the bay area and a live look at sanford cisco we have some sunshine.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
improvements to our hot spots more likely it is not a be called on hotspot this is a 80 ramp it is hardly backed up at all and this at backup had no longer reaches into the macarthur maze. the slowdown began site near the 80 october crossing. there were three separate incidents and the 7:00 hour. over at interest that
9:30 am
sticks 80 we hope it'll be opened in 10 minutes this traffic has been jammed up it was a major accident with injuries near walnut creek. south at 680 slightly improved. san mateo bridge was bound ride all little sluggish over the high-rise a pretty good commute now in both directions and the weather center looks like we're all have another warm sunny day ahead of us >> lots of sunshine in san francisco you can see clear skies appear the golden gate bridge is socked in cooler
9:31 am
temperatures today and a cooling trend will continue the current temperatures are showing a wide a variety. we will have a full look at your forecast later >> we are getting these live pictures at a possible highway shooting in baltimore this major interstate is closed and there are emergency vehicles on scene and we're learning so far they have shut down the baltimore washington parkway shots were fired at cars on the highway south of highway is shut down in both directions officials are not saying if any of the vehicles were hit by
9:32 am
bullets as soon as we get new on information on this we will get it to you. >> the families of the seven bay area fishermen are waiting here war are of their loved ones. i'm assuming on the area where they would were on a fishing trips. it was in the middle of the nine no one had their life vest on and they jumped into the water they haven't found anything yet they are hopeful because the conditions are good as far as the water being, and warm. you can see how the survivors are sunburnt it really shook the mounup.
9:33 am
>> they're very emotional there are holding out hopes you can be dehydrated but as long as the water is safe and grabbed a life vest they have a fighting chance. we read of house of donald lee. the honor of the yellow jeep is fine and will leave before all his friends are recovered the honor of their red truck he is still lost at sea his son-in-law and daughter are staying at the
9:34 am
moment now. i talk to the son-in-law and this is we had the same >> a great man he loves his family he is a very proud grandfather he sacrificed a lot for his family growing impaccrocker basically had no vacations when the children are growing up in this was his passion he remodeled his some and then he decided fishing was and his new lobby. he wanted a bond with
9:35 am
friends and then this happened the clock is ticking on them and is there search continues the window of opportunity closes at 2:00 a.m. on friday. they will willing to pay up pockets for investigators and helicopters to continue the search. with the current now they will direct even further south. they're talking to the coast guard and we need to bring our family members some >> police are still searching for a man that
9:36 am
stole i rare picasso painting it was lifted from the wine scene gallery just before noon they said the man walked into the gallery took the sketch of the wall and fled in a taxi. and now we have pictures of the man walking down geary st. and we see the man walking down the street with the picture under his arm. this is the look sketched they're looking for picasso droid in 1965 it is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars >> now 9:36 a.m. fireworks display in southern california showed something
9:37 am
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9:40 am
this sailor has been canceled after two and half hours after that major injury accident traffic not, is no longer a factor all lanes are now open a complete traffic check coming right up. >> and you're listening to a spectator than that a camera rolling a major fires bart of fireworks show nearby trees, on fire while people were watching it took 30
9:41 am
minutes to evacuate everyone from the area it took an hour to put out this blaze. >> and to world news landslides in china have killed 25 people in less than a week rescuers are going through the rubble looking for survivors 18 people have died because of the slides with what have more development news when we return.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
were on a fishing trip when the boat overturned and also this: picasso a guy walked in and took a picasso right off the wall and was able to get away with it police are
9:47 am
hoping someone can help them catch the robber and jury selection it is in the doorway right now for roger clemens trial that he lied to congress that he didn't use steroids >> the army psychiatrist that was charged with a deadly shooting in for what could face the death penalty he is expected to appear in court room foramen he could enter a plea he is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder in that november 2009 is rampage in that army post. >> welcome back to the kron 4 morning and it's 9:47 a.m. we are still looking at coastal fog we will continue
9:48 am
with that pattern for the rest of the week cooler temperatures today it will be hot in land in some spots this is a shot a mt. tam cam even see the fog sought in this morning mostly sunny conditions and lots of break end of sunshine in the overnight hours as we have in land it'll be warming up to the '60s we will take look where the warmest temperatures will bay in the south banks upper 60s as we take into
9:49 am
the afternoon we will eat up all little bit but not quite as warm as we had yesterday it'll still be warm but i'll little bit cooler this is a look of temperatures around the area. this is a look your seven day forecast and we continues the the cooling trend little relief from the
9:50 am
heat we will continue with low clouds and fog >> we're still dealing with some to slow traffic on 680 it was all hot spot for so long this morning it was a major injury accident all lanes are clear and open. we still have some delays in that area. and the bay backup at the toll plaza you can see the end of the backup we will check this one more time before going off the air this morning. continuing with the bridge check san mateo bridge no
9:51 am
halifax from earlier problems and the golden gate bridge has been shrouded in fog and it continues. new details as the search continues for the seven bay area fishermen that are still missing after their boat capsized in a storm on sunday left sunday morning. this is pictures of some of the survivors the coast guard continues this search and it is still possible they could find survivors because the water is warm and com. we caught up with an honor of day in both repairmen and this is a picture of the boat they were on. he said normally
9:52 am
that a boat that size would be ok >> this accommodation house our pilot house side could have then a later edition it could be a that could become challenging if their role of the boat and yawp of a boat. it happens in the best the design of boats. we believe 44 people were on board deadbol. we're not even sure ife
9:53 am
captain turned the boat in the correct angle. >> dr.phil confronts a bully's today. >> dr.phil speaks to the parents of a special needs teens that wed tattooed and he also talks to a woman that her daughter is a bully.
9:54 am
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9:55 am
9:56 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news at 9:56 a.m. and the back up at the bay
9:57 am
bridge we can see the end of it right now just a short wait getting across the upper deck. >> we're watching wall street shrugging off a weak job report. >> we're a couple minutes away from dr.phil and he speaks to the parents of a special needs teenager when that was tattooed by another student that was the bully. >> that's about it for today hope you have a good wednesday.
9:58 am
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